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Past Life Closure Prayer - How To

Posted on September 23, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Today's blog posting is about a past life closure prayer. Many people have been asking us for more information on how to work with past lives and close and seal these off and disconnect from them to move forward in this lifetime. We have decided to post one this on here to help with some of those requests as many have been asking for prayer work!


Remember when you are working with prayer work, as well as meditation, for your healing you want to focus your intention for this. Your intention is key to prayer work, affirmations, and meditation work as this is what is communicating your request for the healing into the etheric realm. If you simply just say the words without the feeling, meaning, and intention behind them they are simply meaningless words - you have to put the effort into this as this is what the Universe will respond to!


For this prayer for your past life closure, you will want to work with this at least once a day for thirty days. You can increase this if you wish as you can do this once, twice, or even three times a day - just remember it is not about the amount of times but the intention behind this. I cannot stress this enough that intention for this type of healing work is the key to this whole process! Once you understand and work with this and see things changing in your life you will see for yourself how powerful this is!


Past Life Closure Prayer

I ask and pray that any and all past lifetimes of mine are released from my current lifetime and closed off completely. I ask that I learn whatever lessons I need to learn from this process at this time and that the past life portals be sealed shut and remain in the past lifetime. I ask for this in a positive and healthy manner so that no negative side effects come to my current lifetime.  I acknowledge my current lifetime and all that I have to abide by for this to be a good and positive person for my own soul pathway. Thank you Universe for this healing I am about to receive!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute. Work with  a past life closure prayer for your own healing work or contact Nicole for a past life portal healing session personally.



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