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with Nicole Lanning


Practice The Pause

Posted on January 5, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Many people in the world do not pratice the pause enough in their life. What does this even mean you may be wondering? Let me explain a bit about this for you in this healing blog posting as well as give you some examples on how to get started. You too can practice the pause and see how this can change your life!


Practicing the pause is something very simple and easy to learn, yet many do not even realize it until someone explains to them how much this can change their life. Practicing the pause is simply taking one pause at the most critical times you need them in your life. It is that simple! To easy, right? Actually it is very very easy to do, yet so effective that this can literally change stressful, anxiety and other problem areas with something so simple.


Typical times to practice the pause are when you are stressed, your anxiety is high, you are overworked, you are exhausted, confused, angry, and so on. This can help give you that extra moment that you need to gather your thoughts and calm down for just a moment to think before you react. That is what practiticing the pause can do for your life. Simple and yet extremely effective to do!  Think about all of the things you do in a day and all of the times that you need to take a pause. That extra pause is not going to take any time out of your day other than a split second! If we add all of this up it isn't even five minutes! Who can't afford five minutes to help them calm down, be more relaxed and at peace.


In your moments when you pause, take a deep breath, tell yourself it is ok, repeat a positive affirmation, say a simple prayer or whatever helps you to take a moment and get centered again. This can help bring down all of those stressors within your day and you can feel the positive energy flowing instead of getting blocked up and causing more physical health problems or energy problems as well. Practice the pause in your daily life for a week and see how not only your mindset shifts, but so does your physical body and energy levels too!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Make sure to practice the pause in your life for positive changes and contact us for any healing session questions you may have.



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