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with Nicole Lanning


Healing For Abundance Issues

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Healing for abundance issues in your life is something that many people ask about daily for their healing work. Abundance can come into your life in many areas, but the common thread for a lot of people for this has to deal with their finances, career and money issues in their life. When we are open to abundance in general for all areas we receive this in all areas for health, well being, love, as well as the financial portion of our life. Let's get into some tips for your abundance issues for you to heal them today!


Tip #1: You can work with crystal healing for abundance in your life. Take three Emeralds, thoroughly cleansed, and place them in a bowl of purified water to charge for a minimum of two hours. Pour this charged water now into a spray bottle and gently mist all areas of your home - including the doorways, windows, and corners to get the abundance energy flow moving in a positive way for you again!


Tip #2: Work on clearing abundance blockages within your energy fields. For this you can work with Usui Reiki as a general format or you can work with an abundance energy healing format as well. You will want to connect in to your abundance patterns to check these areas. These are connected in through your chakras, auras, and imprinted layers for the energy flow. Remember to send the blockages to the Universal Source to be reborn into positive healing light and to refill the void with abundance energy and seal this closed.


Tip #3: You can enhance your abundance in your home life by also tapping into the energy of your home. Working with Feng Shui methods you can tap into the Southeast bagua area of your home for the wealth and abundance energies. You can use a bagua map to determine the exact area of your home and once you locate the wealth and abundance areas you can enhance this areas with water fountains, wealth coins, feng shui wealth frogs, and signs of positive abundance and wealth flow that resonate with you!


It is not just about healing one area of your life for your own abundance issues, but healing them all to balance everything you are dealing with and allow the energy to settle and shift to bring in new positive forms of abundance into your life today!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with healing for abundance issues in your life or a distant abundance blockage clearing from Ms. Lanning today!



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