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Basics Of Muscle Testing For Healing

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 8:50 AM

The basics of Muscle Testing for healing are giving the body a good evaluation that may be in a form of questions answerable by “yes” or “no”. It is making one aware of the body’s extent in healing and development. To make this happen, a series of tests will be done on the muscles. If the arm muscles remains firm even as pressed or applied pressure on, it means that the muscles are in a toned condition. Otherwise, when the muscles are pressed and it softens, it manifests the characteristics of weak muscular features. The answers attained, be it an affirming “yes” or a disapproving “no” will make an individual knowledgeable of his/her own muscle health conditions. This can be useful in many ways like for staying fit, muscular toning, treating muscular problems and more.


Now, the questions are, where does muscle testing base its concepts? What could someone get from it anyway? Giving these queries some responses is by first knowing the three levels of wisdom accessible during muscle testing.


First is the Conscious. This is the level that an individual is aware of and fully understands about himself. Knowing the cause and identifying information about the muscular discomfort are some of the fundamental ideas in this level. A person only recognizes what is there to known through his experience. However, awareness in this level is limited since everything is just based on what a person knows “from the surface”.


Secondary is the Unconscious where information may not be based on any facts but only on spontaneities. This means that awareness only comes through a vision or dreams. A person deems the irrationality in this level since there is no concrete basis of how-comes and whys. Digging for deeper and more factual knowledge on the subject is still needed in this level.


Finally, the Body is the level that is referred to differently from around the world, from East to West. Sometimes called the wisdom or energy, the Body allows the momentum of life to take over. A person recognizes this to be happening in him when he is already connected to his inner self—that inner self dictates and encourages him, surpassing rationality. Reaching this level can give a sense of felt understanding of the physical body that needs no reasons, basis or proofs.


Focusing on one level of wisdom is not enough. A balance on all three wisdom levels will yield the best results of muscle testing. The evaluation can in turn, give the benefits that pave a way to healthier and well-conditioned muscular system in the future. Focus on the basics of muscle testing for healing needs today or contact us at Healing Art Forms for a distant healing session that fits your needs!



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