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with Nicole Lanning


Herbalism Healing Basics

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Familiarizing oneself on the Herbalism Healing Basics can be very useful and healthy. It is giving the body a natural option of healing and curing illnesses and sickness. Herbalism has been practiced for many years and has come to many forms as it reached these modern times.Some types of herbalism are (1)Traditional Chinese which focuses on balancing the qi (energy) flow of the body, (2)Tradtional Tibetan which uses accupuncture along with herbs, (3)Ayurveda which combines yoga and massages with herbalism, (4)Kampo, (5)Unani-Tibb, and the (6)Western Herbal Medicine which is using medications based on clinical research and scientific findings.

All these types all use herbs as their healing agent. Herbs used in this alternative healing are plants or plant extracts that have the compounds or natural properties capable of curing and/ relieving health problems. There are many different combinations of ones you can work with for your own healing needs based on the problems you need to heal.


The body is a natural creation. Even during the primitive era, early people have used Nature’s gifts to survive, and of course, heal themselves. Therefore, healing the natural way has been proven safe and effective centuries ago. Herbalism makes use of plants or its extracts to naturally improve health conditions through diet, therapy sessions, topical applications or prescriptions.

These days, many pharmaceuticals are now based on medicinal plants. They are the mild herbs that can be used even with out the advice of a professional herbalist or just self-prescribed. Other examples include oregano leaves, and chamomile which are usually for non-severe illnesses. Herbs for herbalism may come in many forms. Some are dried and turned into powder form, some are in syrups and capsules and some are in oils, cream and ointments.


Going for Herbalism Healing is choosing to go all-natural. Especially for lovers of organic-based products, herbalism is a highly recommended way to restore the body’s ability of self-healing. There are even some medicinal plants that can be used to sooth a stressed body and mind through scents and aroma. There is a big world of herbs out there and healing the natural way is saving your body from chemicals and harmful contents that may bring about mild side-effects—may be not now, but in the long run. Work with herbalism healing basics or alternative healing sessions for your own journey in life!



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