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Easy Centering Methods

Posted on February 6, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Today's healing blog posting is about easy centering methods. Many have asked us to share some simple, yet effective ones so I decided to take a moment and post one here for everyone to read! When working with centering it is about bringing your energy in balance and allowing this to expand outward. You can do this in many different ways, as it is about finding what resonates best for you, your energy fields and your daily life.


For a basic centering exercise you will only need yourself, that is it! How much more simple could you get? For this you can sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and count backwards from one to three on each deep breath you take. Once your body is calm, you will focus your intention at your solar plexus chakra. This is your third chakra, located six inches above your navel. Many people focus on this with the color of yellow to help them visualize this energy center.


When focusing on this you will want to see the color yellow here starting small and growing with each breath you take in and exhaling all of the negative energy out from your energy fields. The chakra point will grow and expand on its own. Once this is complete, you will want to continue expanding this energy flow until this fills your entire body and then your major aura layers. This will continue to expand outward from your solar plexus chakra.


What this does is center your energy at your solar plexus chakra and balance your own energy centers with this for a complete centering experience. You can also try doing this while you are standing up, laying down, etc. Grounding your energy beforehand can give you an added benefit to pull the energy from the Earth and you can even connect in with the Divine Spirit and pull energy through your crown chakra and have these two meet at your solar plexus chakra to center. You can add in any other additional methods that work for you, as this was a simple and basic format to help you all get started working on centering your energy! Hope you enjoy!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with our easy centering methods or contact us today for more information on balancing your energy fields.



Practice The Pause

Posted on January 5, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Many people in the world do not pratice the pause enough in their life. What does this even mean you may be wondering? Let me explain a bit about this for you in this healing blog posting as well as give you some examples on how to get started. You too can practice the pause and see how this can change your life!


Practicing the pause is something very simple and easy to learn, yet many do not even realize it until someone explains to them how much this can change their life. Practicing the pause is simply taking one pause at the most critical times you need them in your life. It is that simple! To easy, right? Actually it is very very easy to do, yet so effective that this can literally change stressful, anxiety and other problem areas with something so simple.


Typical times to practice the pause are when you are stressed, your anxiety is high, you are overworked, you are exhausted, confused, angry, and so on. This can help give you that extra moment that you need to gather your thoughts and calm down for just a moment to think before you react. That is what practiticing the pause can do for your life. Simple and yet extremely effective to do!  Think about all of the things you do in a day and all of the times that you need to take a pause. That extra pause is not going to take any time out of your day other than a split second! If we add all of this up it isn't even five minutes! Who can't afford five minutes to help them calm down, be more relaxed and at peace.


In your moments when you pause, take a deep breath, tell yourself it is ok, repeat a positive affirmation, say a simple prayer or whatever helps you to take a moment and get centered again. This can help bring down all of those stressors within your day and you can feel the positive energy flowing instead of getting blocked up and causing more physical health problems or energy problems as well. Practice the pause in your daily life for a week and see how not only your mindset shifts, but so does your physical body and energy levels too!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Make sure to practice the pause in your life for positive changes and contact us for any healing session questions you may have.



Simple And Easy Grounding Methods

Posted on December 1, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Some simple and easy grounding methods you can work with explained here in today's blog posting. When working with these you can tap into them from the comfort of your home when it is best for you. They only take a few moments of visualization and even if you are not the best at visualizing, remember it only takes a split second for the energy to understand what you want and for the Universe to capture this picture in your mife. So give it a chance and take time every day to strength not only your grounding energy but also your viualization skills too!




Tip# 1: One of my favorite grounding methods is to simply kick off my shoes and walk barefoot through the grass. This is a fun one to do and this also connects you in with the wonderful nature energy that is surrounding you. Remember to do this one in a safe environment where you can take your shoes off and walk around in a clean yard. Feel the grass under your feet, feel the feet chakra connecting in to Mother Earth and allow the energy to flow. Want to amplify this a bit more, do this on a sunny day and connect in with the solar energy that is washing over your energy fields too!


Tip #2: Take time out for your grounding work and sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and relax your body while you are taking deep calming breaths. Focus on your feet chakras and allow them to open and grow roots from them all the way down into Mother Earth and connect in with the energy here. Allow this to take a hold for the energy and then allow this energy to come back up your newly grown roots and sprout up wonderful flowers on the tips of your toes to complete the energy pattern.


Tip #3: A simple and easy method to have with you all of the time for your grounding is to wear crystals around your ankles. Cleanse them thoroughly and program them for your grounding work. Best crystals to wear are brown or black colored ones for your grounding work. Many people enjoy Onyx, Brown Jasper, and Black Tourmaline. It is about finding the ones that resonate best for you for your own grounding work and keep this energy grounded all day long!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with simple and easy grounding methods today or contact us for help with distant healing work.



Healing Your Money Connections

Posted on October 27, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Healing your money connections is something that we get asked a lot about from our clients. We decided to post a healing blog for all of you to learn and share from this experience so that you can work on healing these in your own life. When you work on healing your money connections it is important to know which energy patterns you want to work with for this process. For money issues the prominant energy patterns for this are the abundance energy pattern, scarcity energy pattern and the financial energy pattern.


The abundance energy pattern within your energy fields holds the energy (positive or negative) for abundance issues. There can be blockages, stagnant spots of energy, energy anchors holding your energy back, energy rips and leaks and much more going on within the pattern itself, as this will vary from person to person based on the issues that they are dealing with for their abundance in their life. It is important to make sure to clear out all of the negative problem areas but to also heal and replenish the positive energy flow for the pattern itself.


The scarcity energy pattern is one that holds scarcity problems within your lifetime. Many people do not think that they have a scarcity mindset, and this is one of the biggest problems that can reside within this pattern itself. This can form major blockages and stagnant energy which can then lead to an overabundance of negative energy in this pattern. This can spill over into the connections to the abundance and financial energy patterns and hold all of these energy patterns back from their full potential.


The financial energy patterns help with the flow of money into your life as well as the negative problems can form here too. All three of these patterns are connected in with each other through their connection points on the energy fields. So if there is one area that is worse than the others, this can eventually cause problems in all three of the energy patterns if not corrected. This is why it is so important to work on all energy patterns that are connected in the energetic plane so that they can not only help the energy flow but they can also help balance the energy through their connections!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with healing your money connections in your life or contact us for a financial abundance scarcity clearing session today!



Past Life Closure Prayer - How To

Posted on September 23, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Today's blog posting is about a past life closure prayer. Many people have been asking us for more information on how to work with past lives and close and seal these off and disconnect from them to move forward in this lifetime. We have decided to post one this on here to help with some of those requests as many have been asking for prayer work!


Remember when you are working with prayer work, as well as meditation, for your healing you want to focus your intention for this. Your intention is key to prayer work, affirmations, and meditation work as this is what is communicating your request for the healing into the etheric realm. If you simply just say the words without the feeling, meaning, and intention behind them they are simply meaningless words - you have to put the effort into this as this is what the Universe will respond to!


For this prayer for your past life closure, you will want to work with this at least once a day for thirty days. You can increase this if you wish as you can do this once, twice, or even three times a day - just remember it is not about the amount of times but the intention behind this. I cannot stress this enough that intention for this type of healing work is the key to this whole process! Once you understand and work with this and see things changing in your life you will see for yourself how powerful this is!


Past Life Closure Prayer

I ask and pray that any and all past lifetimes of mine are released from my current lifetime and closed off completely. I ask that I learn whatever lessons I need to learn from this process at this time and that the past life portals be sealed shut and remain in the past lifetime. I ask for this in a positive and healthy manner so that no negative side effects come to my current lifetime.  I acknowledge my current lifetime and all that I have to abide by for this to be a good and positive person for my own soul pathway. Thank you Universe for this healing I am about to receive!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute. Work with  a past life closure prayer for your own healing work or contact Nicole for a past life portal healing session personally.



Healing For Abundance Issues

Posted on August 28, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Healing for abundance issues in your life is something that many people ask about daily for their healing work. Abundance can come into your life in many areas, but the common thread for a lot of people for this has to deal with their finances, career and money issues in their life. When we are open to abundance in general for all areas we receive this in all areas for health, well being, love, as well as the financial portion of our life. Let's get into some tips for your abundance issues for you to heal them today!


Tip #1: You can work with crystal healing for abundance in your life. Take three Emeralds, thoroughly cleansed, and place them in a bowl of purified water to charge for a minimum of two hours. Pour this charged water now into a spray bottle and gently mist all areas of your home - including the doorways, windows, and corners to get the abundance energy flow moving in a positive way for you again!


Tip #2: Work on clearing abundance blockages within your energy fields. For this you can work with Usui Reiki as a general format or you can work with an abundance energy healing format as well. You will want to connect in to your abundance patterns to check these areas. These are connected in through your chakras, auras, and imprinted layers for the energy flow. Remember to send the blockages to the Universal Source to be reborn into positive healing light and to refill the void with abundance energy and seal this closed.


Tip #3: You can enhance your abundance in your home life by also tapping into the energy of your home. Working with Feng Shui methods you can tap into the Southeast bagua area of your home for the wealth and abundance energies. You can use a bagua map to determine the exact area of your home and once you locate the wealth and abundance areas you can enhance this areas with water fountains, wealth coins, feng shui wealth frogs, and signs of positive abundance and wealth flow that resonate with you!


It is not just about healing one area of your life for your own abundance issues, but healing them all to balance everything you are dealing with and allow the energy to settle and shift to bring in new positive forms of abundance into your life today!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with healing for abundance issues in your life or a distant abundance blockage clearing from Ms. Lanning today!



What Is Reiki Drumming?

Posted on July 26, 2013 at 1:05 PM

What is Reiki drumming? This  is something that I was introduced into early in my own spiritual development pathway. When you work with these two combinations for your healing you can tap into a variety of different vibrational energies for both Reiki and drumming techniques. It is a combination or fusion of Reiki energy and Shamanic Drumming. This is a wonderful way to work on journeying and healing the mind, body, and spirit together in one session.


When you work with drumming techniques this provides an additional virbational healing outlet for your energy fields to tap into when healing sessions occur. You can work with Reiki individually, as well as drumming methods, but when combining them together you can take your healing session to a whole other level. Reiki will enhance the energy fields in one method through the energetic current pull. Drumming will enhance your connections with your soul level, subconscious, and energetic portals for your energy fields to provide this with a stronger and deeper healing session.


Many people are new to this type of work, so let me explain a basic session you can work with today. There are two different ways you can go about working with Reiki Drumming, as some people like to join drumming circles while others like to listen to audio tracks of the drumming sounds and beats for this exercise. Either is appropriate as it is about what resonates within your own energy fields.


You will want to activate your own energy and Reiki power by turning this on first and pulling this through your palm chakras before you start into your drumming session. Next you will want to place a protection around your energy. Once you have done this and centered your energy you can then start into your drumming methods, whichever you choose. You want to have your energy anchored at your solar plexus chakra when working with these two healing modalities combined together to provided a successful healing session. This way you can allow the healing to flow freely during your drummingmethod and this will still remain anchored within your solar plexus chakra energy point. Remember when you session has ended to give thanks and turn off your Reiki energy.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with what is reiki drumming methods or distant energy healing sessions from the comfort of your own home today!



Basics Of Muscle Testing For Healing

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 8:50 AM

The basics of Muscle Testing for healing are giving the body a good evaluation that may be in a form of questions answerable by “yes” or “no”. It is making one aware of the body’s extent in healing and development. To make this happen, a series of tests will be done on the muscles. If the arm muscles remains firm even as pressed or applied pressure on, it means that the muscles are in a toned condition. Otherwise, when the muscles are pressed and it softens, it manifests the characteristics of weak muscular features. The answers attained, be it an affirming “yes” or a disapproving “no” will make an individual knowledgeable of his/her own muscle health conditions. This can be useful in many ways like for staying fit, muscular toning, treating muscular problems and more.


Now, the questions are, where does muscle testing base its concepts? What could someone get from it anyway? Giving these queries some responses is by first knowing the three levels of wisdom accessible during muscle testing.


First is the Conscious. This is the level that an individual is aware of and fully understands about himself. Knowing the cause and identifying information about the muscular discomfort are some of the fundamental ideas in this level. A person only recognizes what is there to known through his experience. However, awareness in this level is limited since everything is just based on what a person knows “from the surface”.


Secondary is the Unconscious where information may not be based on any facts but only on spontaneities. This means that awareness only comes through a vision or dreams. A person deems the irrationality in this level since there is no concrete basis of how-comes and whys. Digging for deeper and more factual knowledge on the subject is still needed in this level.


Finally, the Body is the level that is referred to differently from around the world, from East to West. Sometimes called the wisdom or energy, the Body allows the momentum of life to take over. A person recognizes this to be happening in him when he is already connected to his inner self—that inner self dictates and encourages him, surpassing rationality. Reaching this level can give a sense of felt understanding of the physical body that needs no reasons, basis or proofs.


Focusing on one level of wisdom is not enough. A balance on all three wisdom levels will yield the best results of muscle testing. The evaluation can in turn, give the benefits that pave a way to healthier and well-conditioned muscular system in the future. Focus on the basics of muscle testing for healing needs today or contact us at Healing Art Forms for a distant healing session that fits your needs!



How To Work With Medicinal Remedies

Posted on April 26, 2013 at 10:25 AM

Pharmaceuticals drugs these days are getting more expensive and knowing how to work with medicinal remedies can be very beneficial. Aside from being less costly, medicinal plants have healing properties tested by time. They’re safe and can be available almost everywhere. Many drugs for curing illnesses are out there but having the same effectiveness, medicinal plants result to great health wonders.


Medicinal remedies come in many forms. Some are in the form of (1) Infusion which is the most basic mean of taking away the healing components plants for medicinal purposes. This is done by soaking/suspending the plants or its parts into water for a long period of time. This will make extracts into a ready-to-drink preparation where active components for healing are already extracted.


Next are (2) Decoctions which are made when infusion cannot suffice. When minimal or no extraction of healing properties can be applied on some herbs. After cutting into pieces, it is best to shortly boil or simmer them in a covered pot or pan. Another form are (3) Tinctures. They are basically medicinal plants and herbs in alcohol. Because alcohol is an excellent solvent, it is highly capable of extracting essential components from plants and herbs. It takes a lot of precautionary measures and knowledge to make herbal tinctures since not all kinds of alcohol can be used in the process.


As it is with many pharmaceutical drugs, herbal medicines also comes in the form of (4) syrups. This is great for medicinal plants are to be introduced to children because the taste can be altered into a more tolerable one. Sweeteners like fruit extracts, honey and sugar are used to make the infused/decoctions taste better but still have the healing properties preserved.


Medicinal plants in topical (applied directly on skin) medications are common these days. Oils for example may be (5) infused or (6) essential. Infused oils are easy to find in local or nearby market stores. Known to take a lot of time to make, infused oils are prepared by using oil instead of water where herbs are subdued in. The temperature of the infusion depends on how hard or soft the plants or its parts are. On the other hand, essential oils are the oils of which they were derived from—mostly aromatic ones. They are called so because they are mixed with essence which are actually scents from the plant itself. Among the processes that essential oils undergo, distillation is the most common.


Other types in the topical category are the (7) ointments and  (8 creams. Ointments are mixtures of medical plants infused in appropriate bases like wax or jelly. Its thickness can act as a protective layer to prevent foreign microorganisms to penetrate the affected area like wounds. Creams are partly emulsified to prevent the separation of water and oil. They work best on protecting the skin like ointments, can be for cleansing and can even lock moisture in the skin while letting it breathe.


Whatever the form of medicinal plants one chooses, asking for a professional’s advice and prescription must not be forgotten. All can benefit a patient with the right amount and consistency of usage. After all, they are all from Nature’s finest. Learn more about how to work with medicinal remedies by incorporating them into your life today!



Herbalism Healing Basics

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Familiarizing oneself on the Herbalism Healing Basics can be very useful and healthy. It is giving the body a natural option of healing and curing illnesses and sickness. Herbalism has been practiced for many years and has come to many forms as it reached these modern times.Some types of herbalism are (1)Traditional Chinese which focuses on balancing the qi (energy) flow of the body, (2)Tradtional Tibetan which uses accupuncture along with herbs, (3)Ayurveda which combines yoga and massages with herbalism, (4)Kampo, (5)Unani-Tibb, and the (6)Western Herbal Medicine which is using medications based on clinical research and scientific findings.

All these types all use herbs as their healing agent. Herbs used in this alternative healing are plants or plant extracts that have the compounds or natural properties capable of curing and/ relieving health problems. There are many different combinations of ones you can work with for your own healing needs based on the problems you need to heal.


The body is a natural creation. Even during the primitive era, early people have used Nature’s gifts to survive, and of course, heal themselves. Therefore, healing the natural way has been proven safe and effective centuries ago. Herbalism makes use of plants or its extracts to naturally improve health conditions through diet, therapy sessions, topical applications or prescriptions.

These days, many pharmaceuticals are now based on medicinal plants. They are the mild herbs that can be used even with out the advice of a professional herbalist or just self-prescribed. Other examples include oregano leaves, and chamomile which are usually for non-severe illnesses. Herbs for herbalism may come in many forms. Some are dried and turned into powder form, some are in syrups and capsules and some are in oils, cream and ointments.


Going for Herbalism Healing is choosing to go all-natural. Especially for lovers of organic-based products, herbalism is a highly recommended way to restore the body’s ability of self-healing. There are even some medicinal plants that can be used to sooth a stressed body and mind through scents and aroma. There is a big world of herbs out there and healing the natural way is saving your body from chemicals and harmful contents that may bring about mild side-effects—may be not now, but in the long run. Work with herbalism healing basics or alternative healing sessions for your own journey in life!